Akers of Art  -  Wire Sculptures and Bespoke Art

Akers of Art - Creating memorable wire sculpture art for Corporate spaces.

I believe that art is wonderfully uplifting and can boost the atmosphere of any location making people feel more relaxed, whilst boosting the ambience of a space and so I help interior designers and hotels/restaurants amongst other business owners to transform an area of their choosing into a beautiful space, with a one off sculpture or piece of wall art that is handmade to fit their requirements, by doing this the client is guaranteed to have something that is unique to them and not only will it increase customer satisfaction and make their clientele feel more comfortable and happy but they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they can trust in me to deliver a unique experience from start to finish.
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A selection of Murals Created by Rachel Akers A few of the amazing murals hand painted by Akers of Art - Click the image to find out more

More unique art and workshops by Akers of Art

Rachel Akers- Artist and owner of Akers of Art
Wearable Art Necklace
Clay Coil Pot in Process of Being Made

If you would like to learn more about me then follow the link to my About Me  page where I tell you about where my love of art began and how I developed my skills.