Akers of Art  -  Wire Sculptures and Bespoke Art

Free Form Forest Sculpture at Harborne Kitchen A beautiful bespoke wall sculpture made from over 65 individually wire wrapped gemstones and copper

Hi and welcome. My name is Rachel and I am the owner and artist here at Akers of Art.

I specialise in wire sculptures either in a frame to hang on your wall or free form. 

I draw my inspiration from my home town of Birmingham in the UK. I find the juxtaposition of architecture to green spaces quite beautiful; it is surprising how much woodland is still left untouched in a big city like this. There are some incredible new and unique buildings going up all around the city but also some stunning old buildings and dotted between these buildings you will always find trees and plants to keep us all in touch with nature.

I use metal and gemstones to create bespoke and unusual sculptures that are fluid and winding like a beautiful tree but also have the rigidity of the metal and the frame like the architecture I see all around me.

The tree of life that I commonly use in my sculptures is a symbol of personal development and growth. It represents a feeling of togetherness and that feeling that you are not alone. The roots dig deep into the earth that grounds us and the branches reach high up into the sky taking energy from the sun and the moon. It also symbolises our ancestry and family and the bonds that we have with them.

Trees in themselves represent strength and resilience as they stand tall, to weather a storm but each one is unique and individual, not one of them the same, representing the unique part each one of us takes in the world.

I also use many beautiful semi precious gemstones in my work, each believed to have their own healing properties.

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Rachel Akers- Artist and owner of Akers of Art
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A selection of Murals Created by Rachel Akers

If you would like to learn more about me then follow the link to my About Me  page where I tell you about where my love of art began and how I developed my skills.  Also if you would like to see the gallery of my work then follow the link below...