Rachel Akers

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Akers of Art - Creating memorable wire sculpture art for businesses and homes

Art is wonderfully uplifting and can boost the atmosphere of any location making people feel more relaxed, whilst boosting the ambience of a space.

Rachel Akers of Akers of Art helps both business owners and individuals transform an area of their choosing into a beautiful space. With a one-off sculpture or piece of wall art that is handmade to fit their requirements, whether it be a personal home space or business.

Rachel is so proud to share that her business clients who have commissioned bespoke wire art sculptures with her, have seen an increase in customer satisfaction. They have noticed that the art pieces created have provided so many benefits, for example, clients see that they are invested in supporting small businesses, the art becomes a conversation starter, strengthening the relationship between business and client and also that they have added an element of personality to their brand, which their clients have resonated really well with.

Whether for your business or your home you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you can trust in Rachel Akers to deliver a unique experience from start to finish.

About Me - Rachel Akers - Akers of Art

Akers of Art was created by Birmingham based wire sculpture artist, Rachel Akers in 2019. Experienced artist, Rachel, dedicates her time to creating one-off and bespoke art pieces, jewellery and workshops that are intended to inspire and arouse the senses as well as tell a story of life’s journeys.

With her own signature style, award winning artist Rachel Akers has combined the splendour of nature with the rawness and strength of the industrial soul that is so prominent in her beloved city of Birmingham. This unique blend of bespoke art produces beauty that can last a lifetime, representing so much and connecting with individuals on so many levels.

Beautifully entwined wire threads come together to form stunning art to awe and inspire. Rachel’s signature piece, the Tree of Life, both in sculpture and wire-wrapped gemstone jewellery form have become representative of the journey we each experience through life. With every branch and gemstone symbolising the paths we take, the complexity of each wire art piece resonates with our personal experiences and connects with its audience or jewellery bearer.


Her large-scale wire art Tree of Life Sculptures and wall art pieces have become a well-loved and distinctive addition to local galleries, personal homes and commercial properties alike. Akers of Art art pieces bring life to any space and consistently spark conversation and interest amongst their admirers.

Although the Tree of Life has become Rachel Aker’s signature piece, her talent does not stop there. Offering clay workshops and jewellery making workshops in and around Birmingham and all over the UK, Rachel is able to bring her expertise and enthusiasm of her art to others.

From delivering clay workshops for corporate team-building exercises and charity clay workshop events to individual workshops for hen dos and activity groups, Rachel Akers is the expert at tailoring workshops to meet her audience’s requirements and interests.  

Also offering jewellery making workshops, including wire-wrapping gemstones and other wire wrapping jewellery techniques, Rachel has the ability to bring people together through art and help them explore and enjoy their creativity.