Tree of Life pendant


These beautiful tree of life pendants are all woven by hand and each gemstone individually threaded making each piece completely unique.

The tree of life is a symbol of personal development and growth. It represents a feeling of togetherness and that feeling that you are not alone. The roots dig deep into the earth that grounds us and the branches reach high up into the sky taking energy from the sun and the moon. It also symbolises our ancestry and family and the bonds that we have with them.

Trees in themselves represent strength and resilience as they stand tall, to weather a storm but each one is unique and individual, representing the unique part each one of us takes in the world. I have taken inspiration from nature to create a stunning and meaningful jewellery range that will empower and support each individual that wears it.

It is believed that gemstones contain healing powers and can help individuals with a variety of physical and mental troubles.

Each tree of life pendant is made to order, you can choose from 5 different wire colours and include the semi precious gemstones of your choice, depending on either your colour preference or healing requirements.  

All items are bespoke and vary in size. The approximate measurements for this item are:

6 by 4.5cm 

When ordering this item please choose the wire colour from the drop down list before adding it to your basket and then state in the comments section what type of bead you would like.  

Please allow 2 weeks for the delivery of this item as I make these pieces to order and then dispatch.  

The gemstone chips available are -

Aventurine (Pale Green)
Carnelian (Orange)
Rose Quartz (Pink)
Jade (Dark Green)
Opal (Pearly White)
Alabaster (White)
White Pearl
Black Pearl
Black Lava Bead
Peacock Tigers Eye (shades of Blue Green and Purple)
Amethyst (Purple)
Mother of Pearl
Citrine (Yellow)
Chrysocolla (blue/green)
Pale Blue Cats Eye
Dark Blue Cats Eye
Black Onyx
Sodalite (Blue)

There are many other types of beads available, If you don't see what you want in this list please just state what you would like as i can be sourced.


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