Metal Sculpture Installations 

Do you want  your business to have a unique focal point? 
Do you wish to lift the aesthetics of your restaurant or hotel?
Are you someone who likes to be different and own one off pieces of art? 
Does your home have a blank wall that could be bought to life with a sculpture?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have reached the right place. 

Sculpture is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in your business.  You can make your clientele feel relaxed and calm by having a stunning sculpture created for them to enjoy or be the envy of your friends and have a piece of art created especially for a spot in your home. 

I am currently taking commissions to make a bespoke sculpture, designed and created just for you or your business.

I specialise in tree sculptures that can be hung on a wall either cascading from a frame or free formed. I also make them as a free standing piece on a rock, but I can create free standing sculptures of musicians, musical instruments, dancers, couples,  a pet or a favourite animal. 

Each piece is priced individually as they are made specifically for you, so can be tailored to you needs and to suit your price range. For an example the beautiful willow pictured here was commissioned for £1600. It is in a bespoke sized frame, at 128cm wide and 80cm high, it was made to specifically hold the piece and fit in the desired space at my clients home,  in a deep black frame, it is totally unique to the client.  

Please  contact me for more information and/or a quote

Autumnal Tree of Life Sculpture Carnelian gemstones restore vitality and motivation and stimulate creativity
Antique Bronze and Red Jasper Tree Red Jasper strengthens your connection to the earth, relieving stress and calming your mind

Click here for more information on How to Commission a Sculpture

Willow tree sculptural 3D art work in a frame
Tree of Life Triptych of trees.
Free Form Forest Sculpture at Harborne Kitchen