Wire Sculpture Installations 

Circular tree of Life Sculptures in Varying sizes. These sculptures can be made in any size and a wide range of colours starting from £95 up to £345

Do you want  your business to have a unique focal point? 
Do you wish to lift the aesthetics of your spa, restaurant or hotel?
Are you someone who likes to be different and own one off pieces of art? 
Does your home have a blank wall that could be bought to life with a sculpture?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have reached the right place. 

Sculpture is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in your business or home. 
You can make your clientele feel relaxed and calm by having a stunning sculpture created for them to enjoy or be the envy of your friends and have a piece of art created especially for a spot in your home. 

I take commissions to make bespoke sculptures, designed and created just for you or your business.

Wire sculptures based on the Warrington Gates 3 x 12" circular sculptures based on Warrington Golden Gates commissioned by for a local Care Home

In my sculptures I use various thicknesses and colours of wire and semi-precious gemstones to create bespoke and unusual pieces that are fluid and winding like a beautiful tree but also have the rigidity and structure of the angular frame like the architecture I see all around me. I manipulate the wire into the form of the tree trunk and branches so each piece is unique. I don’t always use a frame and let the tree flow naturally into unusual forms. I love the use of the wire to create the wood like texture and when the light bounces off the metal and gemstones it creates an ethereal like quality.

The tree of life that I commonly use in my sculptures is a symbol of personal development and growth. It represents a feeling of togetherness and that feeling that you are not alone. The roots dig deep into the earth that grounds us and the branches reach high up into the sky taking energy from the sun and the moon. It also symbolises our ancestry and family and the bonds that we have with them.

Trees in themselves represent strength and resilience as they stand tall, to weather a storm but each one is unique and individual, representing the unique part each one of us takes in the world.

I also use many beautiful semi precious gemstones in my work, each believed to have their own healing properties.

Each piece is priced individually as they are made specifically to order, so can be tailored to you needs and to suit your price range.

Please contact me for more information and/or a quote.

All sculptured pictured are examples of how they can look as they have been commissioned. Simply message me to enquire about having one made.

P.O.A - Willow Tree Sculpture in a Frame Created using a thick custom made black frame and antique bronze wire with aventurine gemstone chips

I work on the unique basis that I make a piece of art made to your specifications, so no piece is the same. I will come to you for a consultation or consult via a zoom call, where we can discuss your ideas and come up with designs for your space. I will then sketch out our ideas and send you a quote for the work before we go ahead with creating a bespoke sculpture installation. 

Click the link below for more information on how to commission a sculpture. 

Triptych of Trees Made from various wire and gemstones each with their own meaning £285 each or £800 for the Triptych
P.O.A Winding Forest sculpture This piece was commissioned by Harborne Kitchen and was made using copper wire and 65+ gemstones

£325 - Made from Indian Agate and Antique Bronze Agate is an excellent stone for re-balancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit
£425 - made from Red Jasper and Antique Bronze Red Jasper strengthens your connection to the earth, relieving stress and calming your mind
£475 - Made from Carnelian and Antique Bronze Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity
£475 - Wire cello player on a black plinth this sculpture was commissioned and modelled on the real person who it was gifted to
£325 - Made from Carnelian Gemstones and copper Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity
£375 - Saxophone made from silver and copper wire For the Jazz music lover this saxophone has keys made from coins
£1250 - Made from Antique Bronze, Copper + Silver This piece was hours of work hand weaving and twisting each individual rose and leaf
£265 - Made from Antique Bronze and Indian Agate Agate is an excellent stone for re-balancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit