Mural Commissions 

Murals for Businesses and Homes 

As a mural artist I can design and create murals for business spaces, corporate meeting rooms, boutique hotels or restaurants and cafes. Huge wall designs incorporating quotes and logos or a design that perfectly depicts what your business is about. I can design a full or part wall, or a whole room in a design put together after discussions with you.  

I also create murals for children’s rooms/nurseries or a living space of your choice as personal touch to your home.

Murals are best when painted directly onto a chosen wall but if you would like a piece that can be moved I can create a large painting on pieces of MDF that can be positioned and moved wherever you like.

It is all entirely up to you what you would like as each mural is tailor made to your requirements, so let your imagination run wild and contact me to bring your thoughts to life.

Click here for more information on  How to Commission a Mural
100 Aker woods Map hand painted by Akers of Art This mural was hand drawn and then painted onto a nursery wall to be cherished for years to come
Fun nursery mural for childrens room

Murals for Schools

The process of commissioning a mural for your school is different and a really fun and exciting way to get the children fully involved in the process. 

If you are a school wishing to commission a mural please click on/how-to-commission-a-mural-for-schools to read more about how I can work with the children, staff and the community to come up with a unique focal point for your school that will last for years to come. 

School mural Story time mural designed and hand painted by Rachel Akers at Akers of Art
Educational quote painted to inspire students