My Signature Pieces - WEARABLE ART

Antique Bronze Wearable Art piece
Commissioned Wearable Art Piece
Large wearable art piece

My Signature item is a really unique and striking wearable art piece that when not being worn can be hung in a frame and admired as piece of art work. It is a truly bespoke and very different item that is sure to create conversation. If you are interested in having a piece made especially for you or as a really special gift then please get in touch here... /contact-akers-of-art. These pieces start from £295 

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewellery

A compilation of handcrafted jewellery Just some of the stunning items of jewellery that you can have made to order by Rachel Akers

Picking a Gemstone to Suit You

If you have a favourite gemstone that you carry around with you, why not turn it into a stunning piece of jewellery that you can wear?
Gemstones have many properties that people believe will heal and help with both physical and mental health issues.
 If you want to know how to choose a gemstone and the properties the gemstone have then please click here for a list of Gemstones and their properties. Gemstones are truly unique to the wearer and I offer a unique service where you can choose the gemstone you want to be made into a piece of stunning wire wrapped jewellery. 

For the last few years I have been honing my skills as a jewellery designer. I use beautiful semi precious gemstones and a variety of different wires to create stunning and bespoke pieces of jewellery using the wire wrapping technique.  I have a few pieces available to buy but most pieces are made to order.

You choose the stone you would like and whether you want the wire to be silver, copper, gilt (gold colour), rose gold or antique bronze and I do the rest. 

Each piece is hand crafted so if you see a piece you like it can be recreated to look similar but never the same. 

I also make scarf rings, key rings, hair accessories and bag jewels.

I specialise in unique Wearable Art items that when you are not wearing them can be placed into a frame to be admired as a piece of art.  

I also make stunning pieces of jewellery and accessories for men, Gemstone beaded bracelets, lapel pins and bow tie accessories to name a few. 

Please contact me for any enquiries , requests or orders and I would be happy to call you or meet with you to discuss any ideas you have for truly unique piece of jewellery. 

I am also working on bespoke bridal accessories like hair pieces, button holes, bouquets made from wire and centerpieces for your table. Click the link to learn more... /bridal-accessories

Pieces start from £18 for beaded drop earrings, £22 for a small rose pendant, £56 for a tree of life pendant and up to £350 for a truly unique and intricate piece. So there will be something to suit any budget. 
This is just a guide as each piece is handcrafted and therefore prices vary.