How to Commission a Sculpture

Triptych of Trees Made from silver, antique bronze and silver wire. Amethyst, Florite and Rose Quartz Gemstones

Commissioning a sculpture should be an easy and enjoyable process.

If you already know the style and design of sculpture you require then please contact me here with all the details and I will get back to you with a quote.

If, however, you are still unsure of what it is you are looking for then I am here to make the process as simple as possible.

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Free Form Wall Mounted Sculpture

If you wish to have a free form sculpture attached to the wall then firstly, I am happy to come to you, to see the space that you require a sculpture for. There, I will take pictures, measure the area and discuss any ideas with you. I can then create a design and put together a quote.

If, for whatever reason, be it a surprise, long distance or it is not possible for me to come to see the space then I would require some measurements to be taken and a few photos at different angles. We can then discuss any requirements over a zoom call before I create a design and put together a quote.  

The quote is usually given as an estimate based on materials and time and once you are happy with the design and any adjustments have been made I will then require a 30% deposit before I begin. The deposit will be based on the lower end of the quote and removed from the final invoice.

I will then liaise with you throughout the project sending you photographs and updates if requested.

A further 30% of the final balance will need to be paid on completion and photographs of the complete piece being viewed.

Then the final 40% payment should be made within 3 days of delivery and installation of the sculpture.

These truly bespoke and intricate pieces are individually priced based on size, material costs and time. 

Free Form Forest Sculpture at Harborne Kitchen P. O. A - Made from Copper wire and over 65 individually wrapped gemstones - 6ft high and 5ft wide
Willow Tree Cascading from a Rock £625 - Willow tree on a rock made from Aventurine and silver
Willow Tree Sculpture in a Frame Created using a thick custom made black frame and antique bronze wire with aventurine gemstone chips

Free Standing or Framed Sculptures

Any of the sculptures seen here can be re-created but because these pieces are all handcrafted they will still be unique. If you see anything you like then I can make you something similar, you can change the colour of wire and pick any gemstone you like to create your own bespoke piece.  

These sculptures can be made in varying sizes to fit the space you have selected. 

I require a  30% deposit before I begin. 

I will send progress pictures if required and the rest of the payment will be invoiced to you before delivery of the sculpture and must be paid before the sculpture is dispatched. 

Various Circular Tree of Life Sculptures Made from different coloured wire and gemstone chips in various sized circular frames
Autumnal Tree in a Black Frame £475 - Made from Carnelian Gemstones and Antique Bronze wire in a black frame 25 by 50 cm
Cello Player sculpture Made from Silver and copper wire this was a commissioned piece based on the actual person who played