How to Commission a Mural for Schools

Story time Mural at Harborne Primary School

The process of commissioning a mural for a school is slightly different which is why I have directed you here. 

I absolutely love to get the kids fully involved in the mural painting process so have put together a photo guide from a mural I painted last year at Harborne Primary School in Birmingham. I would absolutely love to get involved in your school and paint a fantastic mural for you that will last for years to come and that the children will remember. 
Take a look below for the simple step by step process I used to create this amazing story telling mural and then get in touch here... /contact-akers-of-art by enquiry form or call me.

 I can't wait to get started on an inspirational and immersive mural for your school. 

I have a full DBS check so that I can work in the school with and around the children and this can be viewed on request. 

Students looking at the children's Mural designs

The first part in the mural planning process is getting the children to design a mural themselves. Getting them to draw a picture of what they want in the mural is a really helpful start. After all it is all for them to enjoy. 

The rendered wall before the painting began

This is the space that they wanted to have painted. They had the wall rendered by the school community but you don't have to do this, I can paint directly onto the wall. 

A student sketching from the mural

One of the children drawing some of the things she could see in the mural. The children also went back to their classrooms to write about the mural being created and their thoughts on it all. I hope that you would allow the children to get involved like this. 

Me answering questions about mural painting

This is where I get involved, I come in to meet the children and answer any questions they may have about the mural painting process, I also ask them about what they really want to be included and then take away their designs. 

The wall is primed and ready to paint the mural

They got the school parents to prime the wall white to create a blank canvas, it would be useful for you to do this as I can do this but it would add to the over all cost. 

The students watching the mural being painted

At break and lunch times the children still chose to sit and watch me paint. They really found it fascinating.

If you have some benches or chairs I am happy for the children to come and watch me work. The benches are laid out at a slight distance so that the children don't get too close. 
The design process begins

I then create 2-3 designs (in this case it was 3)  making each one different but still incorporating what the children had suggested. The children in this case wanted a rainbow and goal posts amongst other things. 

The students watching me paint

During lesson time the children came out to draw from the mural and ask me lots of questions.  They loved watching the mural appear.

The finished Story Time Mural

The finished mural- The mural that was chosen was the Story Time mural. It has parts that can be interacted with like the goal posts (hugely requested by the children) and the targets but also lots of items from many children's stories, my favourites were the Gruffallo hiding behind a tree and the golden ticket. 

Voting takes place for the winning design

Then the 3 designs were voted on at the school fair. The designs can be voted on at the school by the children if you don't have a school fair coming up or you just want the children to have their say. 

Me painting the mural
And spent hours spotting things that they had asked for in their original designs. This would be a great way for your students to learn about art and the mural painting process.
Artist Rachel standing in front of the mural

The children also wanted a growth chart so in this design I turned it into a rocket, they loved measuring themselves against it. 

You can have absolutely any theme you like, anything the children can think of and will be a great way for them to create stories and interact with the mural as years go by. 

All murals will differ in costs due to the size and intricacy of the mural. I will give a quote with a varied price range in order to cover all eventualities e.g amount of days changing or ordering more paints etc. 

Price Includes - 

The 2-4 times I come into the school to talk to the children and getting them involved

The design stage - 2-3 design ideas to choose from

The mural - based on how long I believe it will take + material costs. 

As a rough guide- 

The Story Time mural took 8 days to complete (8- 9 hours a day) at a cost of £3260 (this included all material costs and 3 initial designs, plus visits to the school to involve the children)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.