How to Commission a Mural

Winnie The Pooh Nursery Mural This mural was created using acrylic paint, painted on one wall of a child's nursery

Mural idea examples:

Who - The customers (to boost the aesthetics of my restaurant.)

What - An olive tree and peep whole window with pretty scene

Where – On the outside wall of my restaurant

When – ASAP before the summer

Who- The baby.                                                          

What- A jungle scene.

Where- In the nursery - The whole room.

When- Before the baby is born.

Who- Me.

What- A silhouette of a tree and birds.

Where- One wall in the living room.

When- Right now.

Murals are a really exciting way to create real impact in your home or business. Decals can be used but they are not original or unique and definitely won't create the same impact as a hand painted mural will, they also won't last as long. A stunning hand painted mural will last for years. 

The first thing you need to do when thinking of having a mural painted is to decide, Who, What, Where and When.
Who- is the mural for? 
What- do you want the mural to be of? (Think - What impact do you want it to make?)
Where- would you like the mural to be? (and also - inside or outside - The whole room - one wall - outside)
When- will you be ready for the mural to be painted? 

Once these basic ideas have been formed then the fun begins.
If you do not have a clear idea of what you want but you know where you would like it, do not worry. I am happy to discuss your ideas and come up with a number of designs for you to choose from.
On the other hand you may exactly what you want, with clear visions of the desired finish, you may have images and in depth details of what you are after. Again, I am happy to discuss these ideas and come up with a final design.

The next step would be to email me with as much information as possible. Feel free to add photographs of the room and any images you have in mind to the email. my email address is
If you prefer we can discuss your ideas over the phone  - you can find my number here - /contact-akers-of-art or request a call through my contact form. 

We can then meet face to face free of charge to go through your ideas and come up with a plan. 

Once I have a clear idea of what you are after I will start the design process. I will give you options to choose from by designing 2-3 different options (unless you already know what you want of course, in that case only 1 would be necessary.)
We can then meet for me to show you the designs and give you a quote for the job which will include the design process. 
Once all is agreed the mural painting can begin. I require a 30% deposit before the painting begins. This deposit will be taken away from the final invoice which will need to be paid within 10 days of the mural being completed. 

This is meant to be a fun and exciting process for you and I hope to relieve you of any stress in the design process, so get thinking and let your imagination run wild.
I would love to bring your ideas to life. 

As a rough guide- 
A mural that takes between 2 - 5 days to paint will cost approx £850 - £1950 (this includes all material costs and designs)
Prices will vary based on each individual mural, costs are based on days to paint plus intricacy of the mural and the amount of materials needed. 

Murals Painted by Rachel Akers at Akers of Art