Why you might be losing followers on Instagram and How to find influencers for your business.

So here I am again, I’ve finally found a flow for my blog and I’ve decided to write more about the highs and lows of getting this business of mine off the ground, in the hope that it will help some of you in the same situation.

I’ve been doing pretty well with orders so far but a lot of them are from friends and family or friends of friends…

Which is great!! Don’t get me wrong, I love every person who contacts me and wants to order but there is nothing quite like making a sale from someone you do not know at all, you can’t beat that feeling that someone has found you, liked what you do and has ordered something from you.

That feeling when I had my first buy from a follower of my Facebook page was euphoric…

But they are not coming in thick and fast as I would like and my Instagram and Facebook accounts are only getting a few extra followers a week.

This is because I am struggling to figure out who to follow, how to find influencers that will be willing to help me (or have the money to pay them!) and where to post and share my blog.

It’s all a huge learning curve for me and in-between making a new piece of jewellery, answering enquires and sorting my accounts, I am also reading, reading and reading helpful blogs and tips on how to grow my business, joining valuable business facebook groups to help with networking and trying to ask the right questions! (Oh and writing a weekly blog! Ahhhhhhhhh)

All I can do here is tell you where I looked and explain what rules I am following, I can’t yet tell you if it has worked as I am writing this in the midst of trying to do it all.

Crazy I know.

But I hope to update you in the future to say yes!! Its working, keep going people, you will get to where you want to be!

So I have finally reached 115 followers this week on Instagram, But yesterday I was on 120…

So why did I lose these followers, I haven’t done anything differently, my feed is looking pretty great (I think) and I am posting once a day.

So what is going on? You’ve got to love google and Pinterest for giving you the answers to this.

I googled why I might be losing followers and found that there are people who follow you so that you will click through to their page and follow them, once you do that, they unfollow you, or if you don’t follow them they unfollow you!!! Mean right?

It sucks but I am trying not to let it get to me. I am building my following slowly but surely and I think slow and steady wins the race. What I really need are genuine followers that like what I do and will eventually want to buy from me, so to follow for followers sake isn’t necessarily the best plan.

(A couple of good blogs that helped me with this are linked below at the end of this article.)

I am choosing carefully who I want to follow and hoping that they will like me enough to follow me back. It can be quite a difficult process but I believe in the long run it will be beneficial as I will gain genuine followers who like me.

So here is the next section… How to choice influencers and which groups to join on Facebook.

Now here I struggle, really struggle, I don’t want to be randomly joining everything and getting nowhere so I really need to think about who can help me and which Facebook groups might be the most beneficial for my business.

I’ve been reading a blog about how to find Instagram influencers (you’ll find the link below)

I don’t want to go for massive global influencers or even huge influencers in the UK as I only have a small home business, so I want to go for local and smaller “micro-influencers” who have a smaller following but their followers are loyal.

So that’s what I’m working on. I have joined this facebook group recently...


You have to answer a few questions to join but I have asked some questions today and they have been really really helpful.

I’ll be trying to implement the advice over the next few weeks and will let you know how I go.

My competition is still up and running on my website so do make sure you follow this link...http://www.akers-of-art.co.uk/jewellery to look at my jewellery page and enter the competition. I will drawing the winner from all my Instagram followers.

The losing followers on instagram links are here...



How to find the right influencers link...


I highly recommend after reading this blog that you get their emailed /Instagram-Influencer-Marketing-Strategy-Guide, it has a good amount of really helpful information! And I’m not even being paid to say that, I just think it’s really useful and I hope you do to!

So this week, I’m going to start marketing on Pinterest and try to grow my Instagram followers.

How will you be spending your week?