Tips on setting up a craft stall

I have my very first stall coming up on 23rd June at Blue Coat School in Harborne. Then my second the next weekend on 30th June at Queen Alexandra College. (Both in Harborne, Birmingham if anyone is interested in coming along to see me.)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. It really is the ultimate test for you product. Will people buy it?

I thought a lot about what would draw me in to look at a stall and tried to apply that to my stall.

 My stall is a little bit different I hope.

Firstly I will have my jewellery for sale, I have tried to come up with some unique ways to display it as I would like my stall to stand out and for people to remember it.

My first unique selling point is that I display some of the jewellery I make in mini glass bottles. They look really interesting and I love that it is so different (I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet!!), I have kept this under wraps until now but as I am starting to sell more, I decided to show off this idea. I believe it creates a little art piece out of the jewellery so when you’re not wearing it, it can be displayed on your dresser. Let me know what you think? I’d love the feedback.



I am also planning to display other items on a white metal bird cage. As all my jewellery is made from wire, they look quite interesting hanging from rods coming out of the bird cage. It also lifts the items up off the tables and creates another visual piece that will hopefully catch people’s eye and draw them in to look at my stall.

But the main unique feature that I haven’t seen before and decided I wanted to do right from the start is a board with the words “Pick a stone, choose the wire. I will do the rest” on it…


I followed my branding with this and continued with the zentangles in black and white that I designed on my business cards and banner.


Keeping on brand and making everything follow a set of colours or patterns really works to make you memorable. (I always take pictures of my jewellery on my beautiful dining table, so whenever a picture of my jewellery pops up on facebook or instagram people will know that it's by me. Look up Akers of Art on Instagram and follow me if you like what you see.)

I will then have my boxes of stones laid out on the board, so people can pick their favourite and have a totally bespoke piece of jewellery made to order. What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in when browsing?

I have been working really hard towards my stall and how I want to portray myself and my brand.

I used vistaprint to order some banners, firstly one with my logo and contact info on and secondly with pictures of the murals I do so that people can enquire about those when looking at my stall.


I have a jewellery look book to give customers an idea of what they can order and also and ABC alphabet board with all sorts of different lettering for when someone would like a name plate. They can look at the board or the book full of lettering to make choices on how they want the name plate to look. Again, all in black and white, using the same fonts and patterns to make them easily recognisable. 


The thing with my work is that it is all made to the customer’s specifications so it makes them totally bespoke. I hope that this has an appeal to people as they are not just buying something mass produced.

I have tried to think of all the things that I will need but I suppose until I actually do the first stall I won’t know if I have forgotten anything.

Here’s a list of what I think I will need:

  • Black Gazebo (often places supply the table but not the gazebo)
  • Sandbags (to hold the gazebo in place)
  • Table cloth (also in Black)
  • Banners (following my brand)
  • Business Cards
  • Card Reader (I decided to get this as not everyone carries much cash around with them so to be able to take payments via card is much easier, I could lose sales if I don’t. I chose SumUp for mine as there is no monthly fee, only a small percentage of the transaction as and when you use it)
  • Display items – bird cage, glass bottles and all the other items mentioned above
  • Bum Bag and £20 in change for any cash transaction (I decided a bum bag was much safer than a cash box)
  • Cooler bag with lunch and water (I will be on my own and very unlikely to be able to leave my stall at all)
  • Jewellery making tool box (I thought I could make things whilst the stall is quiet, show people how it’s done and how I create my pieces)
  • Order books (As a lot of my work is made to order I need a good place to record all orders and enquiries)
  • Bags, boxes and bubble wrap (glass bottles are easily breakable)
  • String and scissors (to tie up my banners)
  • Lots of pens!! (I wouldn’t want to miss out on an order because of a pen malfunction)

And there we go. Have I forgotten anything? As I said, I guess I will only know once I get there.

I will definitely be taking a picture of the whole set up once I get there. It will be interesting to look back on my first stall and see how things have evolved in the future.

If anyone has any tips from their own experience please do comment below. I’d be grateful and I’m sure others will benefit from any pointers.

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