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How I make a custom made piece of jewellery.

So , as I told you last week I have had a couple of stalls this week. It’s been fun and interesting and has definitely taught me a few things along the way.

Firstly choose wisely as some stalls can be very expensive and not necessarily be the correct target audience.

Secondly, don’t have too high expectations, then you won’t be disappointed. I was so happy that I made 2 sales last week of ready made pieces and one order for a custom made piece.

Not much but it’s a great start. I’m getting myself out there.

The custom made piece is the most exciting because this lovely lady was local to me and she’d seen me and contacted me via Facebook. She then saw where and when my first stall would be and came down to see me.

It was lovely to have that support for my little business but also it meant that my idea of custom made pieces might actually work.

The board was out with a variety of stones laid out on it for her to choose from...

IMG_5794 copy 1jpg 

and I had remembered a mirror so that she could get an idea of what the piece may look like.

She then looked through the Jewellery look book... 

and pointed out the piece that she liked the idea of, this is the one she suggested...

as she liked the beads and twists.

I also handed over samples of the wire so that she could decide on the colour that she wanted.

She chose Antique Bronze. 

The whole exchange took about 20 minutes which I loved as I felt that it showed I had time for her and made her feel like she wasn’t rushed and could take as long as she wanted.

It’s all about the experience.

I then went away with the stone and the information and begin to create the piece.

The thing with my jewellery is that it’s never the same twice. So I made this piece “in the style of” the piece she liked, but it was going to be unique to her.

I also decided to try a new weave which I really liked.


Here are a few pictures of the process...



The piece turned out beautifully. I made it that week so that the piece could then be picked up at my next stall the following Saturday.


She was very happy, it went with her skin tone perfectly and it was my first piece sold to someone I didn’t know!

How exciting is that!??

So message me if you would like a custom made piece. Is there a special occasion coming up? Is there a special gift that you’d like to buy for a special person? You can contact me here...

I have a lovely selection of stones that I am working on getting online and creating a gallery for you to look at but there are also readymade pieces that you can buy coming soon. 

My competition is still going, this week I have had 6 more followers but I would love to get to 150 followers and as soon as I do I will giving away a lovely small bead pendant. 
Like the one pictured below...

It can be made to order with any coloured bead or wire, so get following and be in to win. Head over to my jewellery page to enter.

Thanks for reading, catch you next week. 

Wedding Fever - How to create a Wire Wrap Pendant

With the royal wedding just passed, it really got me thinking about fashion and what woman wear to these occasions.

I thought some of the dresses were fabulous but others... Meh… They could have made a bit more elegant but then I am not a fan of the suit type look.

I have a wedding coming up in 3 weeks’ time. The first one for me in years and I have been really stressing about what I should wear.

I have (almost) sorted my outfit, I have the dress (See the picture above) and the shoes, but I need a black slip dress to go underneath otherwise I will look almost naked (really not appropriate), possibly a hat or a fascinator, what are your thoughts? Do I need one? And definitely an amazing piece of jewellery to hang around my neck.

I saw a great quote on Pinterest recently from Yves Saint Lauren…

“Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique”

This is so true.

Being an artist and making jewellery myself, I can definitely use this opportunity to showcase my work. I see my jewellery as a piece of art to be worn. They are unique and mostly made to order.

I like to be different and wear things that are just a little bit quirky and hopefully no one else will have. I think the dress I’ve bought proves that.

So, to go with the dress, I am thinking a really striking piece of black stone with cooper wire (I think cooper will pick out the orange and red in the dress)…

Here’s a little behind the scenes look of how I go about making a piece…

I’m not the kind of jewellery maker that draws an idea out beforehand. I generally will pick up a stone, decide in my head how I feel it should look and then I start weaving.

So here is the stone I chose...


A Smokey Quartz. It looks black unless you hold it to the light. 

I then had to decide on the wire to use, so I chose 1mm and 0.4mm copper wire and cut 2 quite long (almost 30cm) lengths of the 1mm wire. I use the 0.4mm wire in it's original coil as I never know how much I will use...


I started by putting a little twist at the ends of the 2 1mm pieces of copper...


(Please excuse the fingers they are being ripped apart by wire!) 

I then started wrapping the 0.4mm wire twice around one length of 1mm and then twice around the other. I slowly allowed the wire to get wider and then thinner again to create this interesting pattern, it's quite hard to explain...


I find that using odd numbers works best for some of the weaving and thought I would use a 5 -3 pattern after the original weave...


I really like the look of this together so I repeated the pattern 3 times...


I then started to wrap the wire around the stone...


I then had to work out how to finish it, so did the first weave again twice to create the loop...


And VOILA we have a complete piece. 



I think it will look pretty amazing with my dress. What do you think?

Please do take a look at my website and especially the jewellery page if you like this piece Contact me to place an order or make an enquiry. Quote Offer2 for 15% off your first order.