How to overcome writers block.

I find it quite funny that I’m writing a blog about writers block because I have had writers block!

Why you have writers block in irrelevant, what you do about it is the key so a few articles that really helped me over the last few weeks are posted at the end of my blog and I hope they help you as they have helped me, after all, that it was I am trying to do here.

But here are my reasons, they may resonate with some of you…

I had so much going on last week that I’m afraid I didn’t upload a blog and I know that that is one of the cardinal sins of blogging!

I had my first ever stall on Saturday and I was working so hard towards making it look amazing and being prepared that the blog kind of didn’t materialise.


What do you think? I think it looks rather fabulous considering I have never done this before, so the effort really paid off. (And believe me when I say I’m not great at self-praise!)

Although it looked great and really professional, unfortunately I think I picked the wrong venue as I really didn’t generate as much interest or sales as I would have liked!

I was also in a bit of a dilemma… after reading so many articles on what I could possibly write a blog about, I came across the information that I “should” be writing this blog about what I do and not just randomly picking topics to chat about.

One of the tricky things is knowing whether to just write a lifestyle blog about anything and everything that comes to mind or stick to my industry as an artist. I quite enjoy writing about random things and my dinner party blog got the most reads of any so far but I’m not a chef so is it worth blogging about food when I make jewellery and I paint murals?

I think so, if it helps people then I’m all for it. But apparently it’s just not what I SHOULD be doing!

And the question is… Does that really matter?

So with all this turmoil in my head, I had to think, do I write about the next piece of jewellery I’m making (well no, because then I am always self-promoting and not helping people and apparently that will make people run a mile)

Do I write a blog about how to make a certain piece of jewellery, like a how to? (I could but I already did that and I can’t simply do that every week)

More dinner party tips (no that will just get boring, wouldn’t it?)




Seriously what the hell do I write about? I have loads of random stuff I could waffle on all day about but will it have the desired effect and will it be interesting?

We all know why people do this don’t we? So why do you have to try and hide the fact that really, you would love for people to read your blog, leave a comment, start a discussion, be intrigued about who you are and what you do and actually have a little look around your website, send you an email or make an enquiry, just talk to you in general and if they don’t then isn’t it just a huge waste of time and energy?

Small business quotejpg

So I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, I got stuck, totally blocked, I spent so much time reading about marketing and blogging I couldn’t figure out the best way to market myself or blog.
One of the main things that is putting me off writing this blog is that since I didn’t post last week my bonce rate has gone from 86% to 45%!! Fantastic right? But then my actual audience has gone from 102 to 19!! 19...

So the great news is that people read my blog, but the bad news is that no one engages with it and they simply leave my website after reading it. If I don’t blog, more people land on my homepage, possibly look around but nowhere near as many.

So here I am, stuck, unsure what to blog about or even if I should keep on blogging at all.

I suppose this blog is turning into a bit of a “watch me as I try to make my business work” kind of blog, with all the mistakes and successes along the way and I hope it encourages people to keep trying, as I am, whatever stumbling blocks you come across.

So here I am again hoping that I have intrigued you enough to take a look at what I do. Perhaps learn a little bit about me, read another of my blogs or take a look at my jewellery. 

I am also going to be running a competition soon, my goal is to hit 150 followers on Instagram (I currently have 103!) so if you would like to win pop over to my Jewellery page here...  to see what it's all about.

If you like what you are reading then please do comment below in the disqus box, as I will always get back to you. 

I hope I have given some helpful hints to keep you motivated as, through experience, I really do feel your pain!! We are all just trying to do our best.

Articles about overcoming writers block and what to blog about…