Fancy Dress

It’s hard keeping up with this blogging thing isn’t it?

Especially when you’re a single Mummy and it’s half term! 
Sorry it's a day late but I made it. 

I’ve been having a lovely time with my little 6 year old monster but also taking some time out to be Rachel rather Mummy for a bit!

I went to gay pride this bank holiday weekend and it was rather fantastic. It’s the third year that I’ve bought tickets to enjoy the whole weekend and not just the parade!

I am a great lover of fancy dress and this year I decided to go all out and dress as a peacock!

Why not?

It was truly fabulous. I felt really nervous but every single float that went by and saw me waved and told me I looked fabulous. It made me feel great!  

Gay pride is all about celebrating who you are and truly being yourself and although I am straight I have some fabulous gay friends and I’m just a little bit quirky so I feel like I really fit in!

I made the costume myself. Here I am looking fantabulous!


So this is just a short blog this week. As I have 2 birthdays coming up! One of my best friends is having a 1930’s murder mystery evening tonight and I’m currently sitting with my hair in rag rolls, with a finger wave at the front in preparation.


I don’t do things by halves. (Yey for more fancy dress! I'll try and add a picture tomorrow!) and then I’m cooking a 5 course meal for my mum’s birthday on Saturday! I have spent all day (hair included) cooking the starter and the dessert.

Ahhhhhh I must be mad! Look at the mess...

I think I used every bowl I own!

I'm definitely rather a messy cook but I absolutely love it and the feed back so far has been great!

I think cooking is another kind of art form and love treating my family and friends.

Please come back to check out next weeks blog where I’ll be writing about the meal and how to put together a great dinner party! (I’m pretty good at it!)

But in the mean time, I have been making lots of cool things for my stall and also new jewellery items so please do check out my instagram page to see all the new and exciting things I've been doing.
Thanks for reading.